the most badass tag team you've seen since tekken (it_wont_be_easy) wrote in heartmysneakers,
the most badass tag team you've seen since tekken


excuse the crappy quality. you get the idea right?

I love these, and I don't think the laces could possily match any better. gir = love.

bask in their god like glow.

Had these for about 3 years now, they're not really to wearable anymore because...

I'm almost to the point of a complete hole in the bottom of them. But they're the comfiest things, and I'm never going to toss them because...

They were signed by Jimmy Urine, MSI's lead singer. <3

Beat up chucks, not to old, I just got them used from someone on the punkmart community so they look older then I've had them for... they are older then I've had them for but... you know...

nothing that needs to be said about these babies.

Last but never least, my Chucks I recently stenciled the batman symbol onto the side of. These things are my pride and joy, especailly cause they were 20$. =)
Ok so there's not 2 different pics with different angles of each shoe, but its hard between the crappy lighting, and the 50$ craptastic walmart camera. (I love walmart, just not this camera)
So if you really really can't get the idea then comment, I'll try to get another one for you.
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