pamela (eye_doll_ized) wrote in heartmysneakers,

Thanks in Advance!

heres my sneakers

I don't have any pictures of my sneakers (yet).. so i found available pictures of them online and put them together as best as i could

in the picture there are only some of my sneakers:

Volatile- Flag, Plaid, Denim, Flame, Teal, Cherries (mary janes),and  Skulls

Saucony- blue camouflage

T.U.K. - kitty kats

Roos- Purple/Lavendar/Silver

The shoes i'm yet to find pictures of are:

Sugar- completely pink, and blue with a rainbow platforms

Candy- raver sneakers

Steve Madden- green camouflage, purple with orange heels

Puma - electric purple

Volatile- pink, baby blue, red, clouds, and lava.

obviously i went thru a phase where all i wanted were sneakers with tall platforms ..but now i'm more into design and colors (and a little bit lower).

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